Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Put your right position on prayer

When some one wants to pray together  with some one. So the second one should be at the sama position as the first one /imam.look at the film slowly. Thank you

Monday, April 6, 2020

The best Ways to Respond Corona Outbreaks in Accordance with Islamic Religion

The best Ways to Respond  Corona Outbreaks in Accordance with Islamic Religion

The phenomenon of the corona virus outbreak (covid-19) that emerged in early 2020 is increasingly making concern around the world. How not, the virus that first appeared in the city of Wuhan in China's Hubei province has claimed more than 2600 lives and infected about 80,000 people or more.

The virus which has not yet been found to have been deterred has penetrated almost all the major countries in the world. Starting from China, South Korea, Singapore and others in mainland Asia, to Italy, France and others in mainland Europe. President Jokowi announced that the corona virus case had infected two Indonesians.

Saturday, April 4, 2020


A. Background
The current of cultural modernization and globalization has been felt and has broken down cultural, cultural, moral ideological and even religious barriers. Social, economic, educational and political mobility has created a frenzy of diversity in the relation of diversity. So it is quite difficult today to find homogeneous and monoculture social communities. As a result, multicultural phenomena have become part of human civilization. Multiculturalism encompasses the plurality of races, classes, ethnicities, gender, class, and religion even to the values ​​that exploit consumptive and modern lifestyles.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why people got misunderstood of Islam

Why people get misunderstood about Islam. this statement sometimes comes to many people all over the world, to answer this question need some explanation which should be understood well. let us try to know about Islam by thinking about some important facts and proof about the truth of Islam, not by the emotional view.

Related to the talk about Why people get misunderstood of IslamThere are people of other faiths I mean non-Muslims have opinions and views that Islam is a dangerous religion can even be a threat to their lives. Non-Muslims assume that Islam is dangerous so that in their perception of Islam and Muslims as a religion that must be fought or oppressed and killed, Muslims must be scorched earth from the face of this earth. This sort of thing is a perception indicated by the term Green Menace or called Green Danger. This term is used as a substitute for the red dangers of Soviet communism and china

As the world enters the third millennium, many observers share analysis and thoughts about what will happen in the future or how the world order and politics of its age are entering the third millennium, with a variety of political forms and of course experiencing an increasing conflict of interest between civilization and politics Western and Islamic world.
Concerning the point of talk about Why people get misunderstood about IslamThere are those who say that on the threshold of the next millennium there are two global civilizations that maybe confronted with a complex confrontation at all levels of human activity. One civilization stems in Muslim countries or the Islamic world, while others in the Western world and the United States and Western Europe. "Political or economic observers have seen this confrontation as a catastrophe and call it a holy war.

A Pakistani Muslim anthropologist appeals to or reminds us that the horror and exposure of various mass media, namely, the "clash of civilizations". According to political experts from Harvard University in the future, there will be a civilization conflict between West and Islam allied to several countries in Asia.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Islam is the religion that teaches peace to his people but to all of humanity, as well as a rational religion in addressing peace. That peace can not be focused on one side but also be undertaken by all parties involved in it. In such a context, Muslims will back the peace of his life to God's promise of paradise. So we just live our role as servants of God to carry out His plans.

Good people will discover the advantages that confers on him. So God said be patient while continuing to do good thing his way. In the Qur'an Surah An-Nahl (16): 127-128 Be patient (O Muhammad) and patience is not except from Allah, and do not grieve over the (blasphemy) they and not thyself because of their plots.
Surely Allah is with those who fear Him and those who do good. In the Qur'an Surah Al Insaan (76): 24 So be patient for (conducting) the resolution of your Lord, and follow not the sinner and the disbelievers among them. It is clear now the position of Muslims in the arena of world civilization that Muslims must take on the role of global peace  without losing rationality.

Muslims must be peacemakers because that's what our mission as Muslims creating a prosperous society that is fair to all mankind in blessing  of  Allah, the Merciful "lil Alamin rahmatan society. Only those who want to be servants of God pious who can behave rationally and proportionally to live a religious life.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Why many people convert to Islam

As a man who live in this modern era. of course everything happened to us always arise question critically. We may not be satisfied and confident if we still hesitated about something. The question appeared need to be answered correctly.so that is why. An interesting question that arises, what is causing the people of the world became interested in Islam.

By looking at the data obtained, people make them interest in Islam because of some reasons , the first thing that makes them interested in Islam is when they met and talked with Muslims. From this meeting, a total of  people  claimed more interested in knowing the teachings of Islam as the way of life which looks more happy and calm. I mean the people who are always able to overcome any situation of life they face.

Muslim may not do sexual intercourse before being  married because it is a sinful activities which is blamed by the law of islam.it can bring somebody to hell fire in the here after.as the influence of  that forbidden activities surely Muslim will be avoided many kinds of dangerous sickness. In spite that is very common in the Western world.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Islam Ensures Women's Rights

Islam Ensures Women's Rights
Ordinary gender relations are defined as relations between men and women in various roles in society (Umar and Amany 2002: 1). Therefore, putting women at their proper place, seems to be the same as unraveling the centuries-old history of humanity. The one sued is not only the social system of men, but also the women themselves.
In addition, existing social realities often make religious postulates the basis for rejecting gender justice. The tafsir books are used as references to legalize patriarchal patterns that give men privileges and tend to discredit women. Men are considered the main sex and female as the second sex.
Such an understanding of religion settles in the female subconscious and lasts so long that it gives rise to the impression that women are not worthy of parallel to men and form a unequal work ethos between the two types of servants of God.
According to gender study expert Nasaruddin Umar (1999: 1-42), gender issues of gender justice tend to eliminate the issue of origin. During this time, he said, we are highlighting issues that are actually effects (effects), not on the substance of the problem that causes the outcome to be born. He further asserted that this gender phenomenon indicates that the understanding of religion (theology) is the main cause (prima causa) in giving birth to various gender-biased perceptions.
In Islam there are some controversial issues relating to gender relations, such as the origin of women's creation, the concept of inheritance, testimony, polygamy, reproductive rights, divorce rights, and the public role of women. Indeed, a cursory reading of texts related to the matter suggests an imbalance of women.